Online Conference and Meeting

Online meeting and conference is a new movement and a solution to meet people without fear of infection amid COVID-19 pandemic. Many hotels in Kampala have strengthened their facilities to meet the new demand by setting up high speed internet connection in order to secure the smooth online meeting without interruption, partition in the conference rooms as a prevention measure for infection.

Though online meetings can be arranged at homes and offices, we recommend the use of hotel rooms or hotel conference rooms to provide participants with a better environment, high speed and more stable internet connection,a quiet and conducive space to concentrate in the meeting or workshop etc.

As a travel agent, we shall arrange your online meeting and also provide you the following services on top of the hotel reservations.

Selection of hotel

From our experience, we shall select the best hotels with adequate facilities for online meetings and conferences. We can visit hotels for inspection and test the internet speed when necessary.
Support staff

We can provide our support staff to assist the participants at the hotel. Support staff shall guide participants to the venue, explain about the arrangement, also help on technical issues like internet log-in, joining the internet meeting and installing applications on their devices.

We also provide logistic service like sending invitation letters for the conference to participants, arranging their insurance, providing private transport and paying their allowances etc.

Online meeting and conference started due to travelling restriction and infection prevention measures but it works as the way of reducing the cost of meeting and conference, relief from arranging air tickets and visa for travelling.