Chocolate Tour 1 day

tour summary
This is a one day chocolate tour. This tour starts with a visit at the cocoa plantations in Mukono to understand how cocoa beans are planted, fermented and dried. It then proceeds with a visit to the chocolate factory, Brown Food Processors, where you are taken through the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate.
duration 1 day / 0 night
starting point Kampala
means of transport
  • Private vehicle
  • Kampala
  • Mukono
  • Agricultural tour
  • Factory tour
25km east of Kampala.

25km east of Kampala. They have been growing cocoa for 60 years, they grow, ferment and dry cocoa beans by traditional method. Their harvest seasons are May to July and October to February. Chocolate and coffee manufacturer is located in Kampala. They produce chocolate and coffee products from Ugandan ingredients like cocoa beans and coffee beans.

day 1
1 日目


Visit Cocoa plantation at Mukono

Visit cocoa farmers in Mukono. They will take you around the plantation and show you how to ferment and dry beans


Visit chocolate factory at Brown Food Processors

Tour the chocolate factory. They will take you around the factory and show you the process of turning cocoa beans to chocolate. At the end of the tour you will have the pleasure of testing their product

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