Elgon, Sipi Tour 2 days

tour summary
Visit Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls with this two day amazing tour. Be amused by the beauty of the Sipi Falls, caves, cliffs and Mount Elgon. This tour has a hiking course to both the foot of Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls. Both hikes take an average of 4 - 5 hours.
duration 2 days / 1 night
starting point Kampala
means of transport
  • Private vehicle
  • Mount Elgon NP
  • Sipi Falls
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
Mount Elgon National Park

The second highest mountain in Uganda. The highest peak of the ex-volcanoes, Wagagai is 4,321m. It has some climbing and hiking courses to the peaks.
Geographic features: Mountain, forest, Size: 1,279km2
Activity: Hiking, climbing

Sipi Falls

Beautiful falls that are 100m high. This water originates from Mountain Elgon and flows into River Nile via Lake Kyoga. There are vast plains opposite the falls.
Geographic features: Mountain and River, Size: 100m
Activity: Hiking

day 1
1 日目


Transfer to Sipi Falls


Hiking at Sipi Falls

Hike the three falls of Sipi Falls or only the main fall which is 100m high. The hiking course is steep and slippery. It takes 1-4 hours.

overnight: Sipi Falls
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  • L:
  • D:
  • B: Nil
  • L: Hotel
  • D: Hotel
day 2
2 日目


Hiking at the foot of Mount Elgon

Hiking at the foot of Mount Elgon. There are several hiking course to falls, caves or cliffs. It starts at 8am and take 2-6 hours depends on choice of course.


Transfer to Kampala

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  • B: Hotel
  • L: Hotel
  • D: Nil