Car Hire

We provide safe and comfortable transport through car hire service. You can choose vehicles from Sedans, minibuses, SUVs and luxury cars according to the destination and purpose of use. The vehicle is equipped with a Wi-Fi router, mineral water and a working air conditioner.

We own our own vehicles, employ a fleet manager on full-time basis, and carry out regular inspections and repairs of our vehicles. Also, in case of an accident etc., the staff in charge will handle the case promptly. We employ drivers after checking their driving skills and identities, and conduct training at the time of employment.

Depending on the purpose and area of usage of the vehicle, we are able to select a suitable vehicle for you. We are able to provide vehicles that are not on the list below.

Saloon car
from $60. -
from $90. -
from $110. -
Long term discount
1. 16-30 days5%
2. More than 30 days10%>
Terms and Condition
  1. The prices include / VAT, driver's fee, driver's accommodation for in case of overnight, Wi-Fi modem (100MB per day), mobile phone (on request).
  2. The prices do not include / Fuel, parking fee, entrance fee, ferry fee etc.
  3. If client wishes to avoid refueling by self, we set the fuel charge according to area of usage and distance to be covered.
  4. Driver's working hours is 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. Time of lunch break can be adjusted directly with the driver according to client's schedule.
  5. Overtime of $2 per hour shall be applicable for work that starts before 8am and ends later than 6pm.
  6. Transport or/and accommodation allowance shall be applicable if work starts or ends out of Kampala city center or/and if it starts earlier than 7am or ends later than 8pm.
  7. Cancellation charge shall be 0% for 16 days and the above before commencement, 30% for 15 to 8 days to commencement, 50% for 7 to 3 days to commencement 50%, 100% for less than 48 hours to commencement.