Uganda Information

Country NameRepublic of Uganda

Independence9th October 1962 (From UK)

Latitude & LongitudeLatitude 4 ̊ N to 2 ̊ S
Longitude 29 ̊ E to 35 ̊ E

Area236,000 km2 (About two-thirds the size of Japan)

Population34.9 million (November 2014)

CapitalKampala, 40km away from Entebbe Airport (1-2 hours drive)

LanguageThe official language is English and it is spoken widely in the country. Luganda is a common language in the central region. People in some of the areas also understand Swahili especially in the north.

CurrencyUganda Shilling(UGX)

ReligionRoman Catholic (33%), Protestant (33%), Islam (16%), Traditional religions (18%)

ClimateTropical climate; Dry season (Jun-Jul, Jan-Feb), Rainy season (Apr-May, Oct-Nov)

Ethnic Groups33 ethnic groups classified into 3; Bantu (from the central region to the west), Luo (in the north) and Nilo Hamites (in the northwest)