Car Lease

This is a service suitable for corporate who come to Uganda for long term projects. It is the same as car hire though it offers more advantages.

PriceFor a contract of 6 months or more, we offer considerably lower rates compared to usual car hire rates, for example we charge $700 for a saloon car and $1,100 for a minibus per month. *Conditions apply.

Legal issuesWe handle all legal issues at police and court in case of accidents or other problems as the owners of the cars. We meet its expenses unless accidents or problems were caused by the customers.

Recruitment of driversWe shall adopt and employ drivers. We provide you drivers after examining their experience and driving skills and also giving them training.

Vehicle selectionDepending on the purpose and area of usage of the vehicle, we are able to select a suitable vehicle for you. We are able to provide vehicles that are not on the list above.

Maintenance and repairOur prices include all vehicles maintenance and repair such as regular oil change, replacement of consumption articles like batteries and tires and any other repairs costs due to usage and aged deterioration. Therefore, there is no need to worry about sudden expenses which could be a concern if you owned your vehicle. In addition, we will be in charge of all vehicle maintenance and repair so you do not have to face burdens of fleet management such as periodic inspections, spare parts purchase, finding the garage, etc.

Saloon car
from $700. -
from $1,100. -
from $1,300. -

* All prices are charged per month.

Terms and Conditions
  1. The prices include;
    * Vehicle
    * Service and maintenance cost
    * Monitoring system
    * Insurance, taxes on vehicle
  2. The prices do not include;
    * VAT
    * Driver's salary
    * Fuel
    * Parking fees
  3. Client shall pay the long term car hire charges for the first six months, one month prior to commencement of service, make subsequent payment quarterly.
  4. Excess charge may apply due to area and purpose of usage.
  5. Cancellation charge is 100% for the first six months, 75% for the subsequent period.
  6. Driver's salary shall be $250 for the work based in Kampala city center.
  7. Transport and accommodation allowance shall be charged according to the area and time of usage.