Things to prepare

CashShops and restaurants that accept credit card payment are limited, so we recommend preparing money by cash. The most common foreign currencies are the US Dollar, the Euro, the British Pounds and the currencies of the neighboring countries. It may be difficult to exchange other currencies.
For the case of US Dollar, exchange rate for the small notes like 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 is low, so we recommend you carry more of 50 and 100 dollar notes.

Warm clothingIt is usually chilly in the morning and evening due to the high altitude even though Uganda is located right under the equator.

We recommend you carry warm clothing suitable for the weather which is about 10 degrees. In the camping tent, you should have good nightwear because the temperature in the tent can be the same as the one outside.

Luggage safetyA bag with a lock is helpful to keep property safe in the hotel room. Visitors are advised to keep valuables on themselves at all times. Due to the limited spaces in safari cars, some luggage may not be able to fit, in case they are many people going to use the same car.

Mosquito repellantIt’s helpful when you are in forests or while having a meal in open restaurants. Most middle and first class accommodation facilities provide mosquito nets and also frequently spray the rooms. Better still, it’s recommendable to bring a mosquito coil to have a comfortable sleep.

UmbrellaUganda has some rainfall in the dry season too. Umbrellas are helpful especially in cottage style accommodation facilities where there is no roof between the guest room, restaurant or reception.

Electricity voltage and power socket plugThe power socket used in Uganda is of G type with a standard electricity voltage of 220 volts.

PassportPassport must have more than 6 months validity at the time of entry.

VisaVisas can be applied for and obtained at the Uganda High Commissions or online at the Immigration website, Ministry of Internal Affair of Uganda.
Immigration website:

Travel insuranceWe strongly recommend you to have travel insurance when visiting Uganda, because the quality of medical services is low and you may have to be evacuated to South Africa or Europe which can be costly.

Room facility and amenitiesSome budget or middle class accommodation facilities provide limited amenities or their quality is not pleasant to some tourists. You should carry your favorite ones if you mind about them. Every accommodation offers different services but they are not guaranteed.
○ Bath towel, slippersBudget: Available, but very old sometimes.
Middle, Upmarket: Available, good quality. Some slippers are not disposable.
○ SoapBudget: Available, but may not be of good quality.
Middle, Upmarket: Available, fine quality.
○ Shampoo, rinseBudget: Not available.
Middle, Upmarket: Available, quality varies. Only shampoo at some hotels.
○ Shaver, comb, cotton swab, spongeBudget, middle: Not available
Upmarket: Available
○ Tooth brush set, spongeBudget, middle, Upmarket: Not available
○ Fridge, electric kettle, tea setBudget: Not available
Middle: Not available
Upmarket: Available.
○ Hair dryerBudget: Not available.
Middle, Upmarket: Varies. Some hotels rent at reception.